Trio Angus aims to breed cattle that are defined by reliability, backed by genetic improvement and built to meet the market opportunities of today.


The History

Trio Angus was started by Sam & Meg Piper in 2003 with the aim of providing an interest for their three children, Shelley, Gavin & Bethany.


The original foundation females were purchased from various studs across NSW. The main focus at this point in time was to purchase females that would work under commercial management but had the genetic potential & performance to be the building blocks of the stud. From this base, the use of artificial insemination & embryo transfer allowed the stud to continually expand to its current level of joining 200 stud females a year.


The stud was originally based on the Liverpool Plains. However, in 2010 the decision was made to relocate the stud operation to ‘Ingleburn’ Cassilis, which has been a Piper family property since 1962. The Trio Angus herd is now owned & operated by Shelley, her husband Matt Cherry & their twin boys Eli & Owen. Matt & Shell both have a strong passion for the Angus breed and the beef industry.



The Program

The beef industry continues to grow and change with time. With this in mind one of our key beliefs is that we need to use selective genetics and disciplined breeding strategies to ensure our clients can capitalise on the opportunities available.


Balance is the key to our breeding program. We measure & select for fertility, structure, growth & carcase attributes along with balanced EBVs. We certainly don’t breed bulls on EBVs alone. The sound temperament of our bulls is also highly regarded by our clients, along with their ability to forage and perform on pasture.


The Angus breed is backed by the industrys most comprehensive genetic improvement program. As a result the popularity of Angus cattle continues to grow throughout Australia. Through the use of Trio Angus genetics we welcome you to capitalise on what the Angus breed has to offer.



The Team

The team behind Trio Angus has a diverse range of knowledge and experience. Generations of commercial cattle breeding, over 10 years experience in the seedstock industry, university study and two international beef scholarships, along with a strong commitment and passion for the industry, all contribute to the successful Trio Angus program.


Top Right: Matt & Shelley. Above: Gavin, Shelley, Meg, Beth & Sam Piper.


‘The beef industry will change more in the next 10 years than it has in the last 50 years. We’re in good shape. Our breed is well thought of. We have wonderful programs.’

Joe Hampton, American Angus Association President