Videos of the Autumn Sale Bulls & Heifers Now Online

10th March, 2018

We have taken individual videos of every bull in our Autumn sale (View Videos). These videos are a great way to get a preview of the bulls prior to sale day. The heifers have also been included, in their two seperate lots. There is also a short video of their joining sire, Kidman Precedence K72.


Our Autumn Sale will be a video auction, so no cattle will be ran through a sale ring.






A big week for Trio Angus genetics

10th February, 2018

This week saw plenty of cattle with Trio Angus genetics being sold. The continuing dry conditions around our area are certainly making things challenging at the moment. Even so, it was great to see quality cattle with good genetics still achieving a premium in the marketplace. Cuan Pastoral had a great line of 340 Angus steers in the Landmark Classic Sale in Tamworth. They were Angus & black baldy & presented very well despite the dry conditions. Jada Grazing, Merriwa, sold 184 PTIC Angus cows on AuctionsPlus for a top of $1760. The cows were outstanding & a credit to their excellent breeding program & management. Hopefully this hot weather will come to an end soon & there's some rain on the way!


Our first Autumn Bull Sale

3rd January, 2018

We are very excited to be adding an Autumn Bull Sale to our program in 2018 (22nd Mar). We decided to do this as we are getting more & more demand for bulls for an Autumn joining. We will be selling 25 bulls along with a selection of PTIC heifers.

The bulls are currently grazing dry lucerne & being fed silage to keep them going. They're looking great & will be well grown & ready to work by sale day.
Inspections welcome anytime, if you'd like to have a look through them please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Happy New Year!

1st January, 2018

We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! A big thankyou to all the new & existing clients that supported us throughout 2017, we look forward to working with you again this year. 2018 is already shaping up to be a big one, with an extra sale added to the program & quite a few pipeline projects coming to fruition.


We closed 2017 with well below our average rainfall & as a result continue feeding most of our stock. Despite the challenging season the cattle are holding up very well. Weaning is the next job on the cards & some water projects to get around dams that are drying up. At least today we're now one day closer to a good fall of rain.



Calf Marking - BlazeAid Donation

5th December, 2017

Thankyou to everyone that had us help with their calf marking over the last few weeks. All proceeds were donated to BlazeAid, with over $1500 being raised. This money will go towards their wishlist of more post drivers, chainsaws & fencing supplies. For those that don't know, BlazeAid is a volunteer based organisation that has helped many farmers rebuild their fences since the fire in February. They have been an enormous help to us personally & we are very grateful. BlazeAid volunteers donated alot of their time towards helping us & in return we wanted to donate our time towards raising some funds for them. If you still have calves to mark get in touch & together we can raise some more funds!




Monitoring Bull Soundness is Key to a Good Pregnancy Result

2nd November, 2017

Spring joining is now well underway in the local district. During this time regular monitoring of your bulls is paramount. Picking up problems such as lameness & reproductive injury early can help you avoid cow pregnancy issues & also increase bull longevity.

Read this article by Pete & Bronte Sutton, Suttons Livestock, for some good joining season tips. Monitoring Bull Soundness Key to Pregnancy Result





Another Record-Breaking Sire for Trio Angus

14th September, 2017

We are very excited to have purchased Millah Murrah Maestro M182 last week. He sold for $50,000, a new Australian record for a yearling bull sold at auction.

We purchased Maestro as we are committed to continually securing breed leading genetics for our clients. He offers calving ease along with exceptional depth & softness. His maternal strength is flawless, his pedigree contains some of the best cows in the Millah Murrah herd. This includes Prue H4, who has been labelled as the best Te Mania Emperor daughter in Australia. M182s sire sold for $80,000 & is predicted to be one of the most influential bulls in the Angus breed over the coming years. M182 was his first son to sell in Australia.

Our new bull has already arrived home & we plan to use him heavily over the next few years to allow our clients the best access to his genetics. We are certain he will be a great investment for all of us.



Record Repeat Buyer Demand for 2017 Bull Sale

20th August, 2017

Thankyou to all the buyers & underbidders for their support at our recent bull sale. We sold all 57 bulls that we offered for an average price of $9605.


We were overwhelmed with the result & even more pleased that 80% of the bulls went to repeat clients. The top priced bull was Lot 47 - Trio Reality M121, purchased by Sprys Angus, Wagga Wagga. Turee Vale Partnership, Coolah, secured the second top bull, Lot 3. for $16,000.


We look forward to offering even more bulls next year & some exciting new genetics.



Herd Increase is Within Sight

13th August, 2017

It was great to see local clients & friends, Richard & Sam Thompson in this weeks paper. They had traditionally used Te Mania bulls over their 500 breeders but in the last five years have introduced Trio Angus bulls into their program. "Matt knows the type of animal we now produce & suggests bulls that fit the criteria" Richard said. "Matt has also been helping me class our heifers & we now have the cow herd to a more homogeneous level".

Richard & Sam sell their yearlings to feedlots & plan to increase their breeder numbers up to 600 or 700 head over the next six years.

Photo: The Land August 10, 2017.



Bull Inspection Day - Friday 4th August

4th August 2017

Thankyou to everyone that braved the cold & called in for our Bull Inspection Day today. It was great to catch up with repeat clients & also have so many new faces call in aswell! The bulls were penned up all day with people wondering through them at their own pace. Matt was also busy helping people with their 'Bull Sale Cheat Sheet', to streamline the bull selection process & make sale day easier.


It was rewarding to hear so many positive comments about the bulls, we are very pleased with them & glad you are too!




Individual Videos of Sale Bulls Now Online

16 July 2017

We have taken videos of every bull in the sale & they have now been uploaded for you to view (click here). These videos will be linked to our catalogue on AuctionsPlus for those bidding online. They will also be used on sale day. As most would know, we are transitioning to an open auction this year, and rather than each bull being ran through the auction ring their individual video will play on a big screen. More & more studs are making this change as it is less stressful for the animals.

2017 Bull Sale Interfaced with AuctionsPlus

7 July 2017

We are very excited to interfacing this years bull sale with AuctionsPlus. This will give buyers the opportunity to bid remotely on sale day. A catalogue will be uploaded to AuctionsPlus shortly, along with links to each bulls EBVs, pedigree & a short video. As our clients know, this year we are transitioning from the helmsman sale to an open auction & AuctionsPlus will work well with this change. AuctionsPlus Bidspotting technology will also be used on the day, this is a screen displayed at the sale showing the bid & location of online buyers. You can view a video of how this works here. A link to our AuctionsPlus catalogue will be posted here soon.


Carcase Scanning

15 June 2017

Today we've had Lonnie Stone from Bovine Scanning Services out to scan the bulls & heifers for carcase traits. Lonnie has a portable machine that he sets up in the yards that measures rib fat, rump fat, eye muscle area & marbling. This is a great tool as it allows us to identify which animals & genetics are performing best for each of these traits, and most importantly, which animals have the best combination of all of these traits. We use the raw data for our own comparisons & also submit it to Breedplan so it can be incorporated into each animals EBVs.The bulls scanned exceptionally well this year, with the Hoover Dam sons being a standout.




Fire Recovery

20 April 2017

Over two months has passed since the fire & the countryside couldn't look more different. We are so lucky in that we've had plenty of rain & its been amazing how quickly all the grass has reshot & the paddocks have greened up. We haven't been able to utilise all of this grass until this week as our fences were still a work in progress. Our friends & family put in an epic weekend which was a massive help, getting 5.5km of boundry fence done. The BlazeAid volunteers have also been a huge help. We started bringing cows back from agistment this week, its so nice to have our girls back home! Thankyou to everyone that has donated their time or materials over the last month, the support from the community has been overwhelming.



Sir Ivan Bushfire

12 March 2017

It has been a challenging month here at Trio. On Sunday 12th Feburary our farm was burnt out by the Sir Ivan bushfire that started near Leadville. The conditions on the day were dreadful & the heat & intensity of the fire was nothing like anyone had seen before. It ended up burning out 55,000ha basically in a day with many of our friends & relatives losing property, stock & their homes. Unfortunately we lost 30 of our beloved stud cows as a result, most of which were at the point of calving. We were also left with 60 cows to treat for less severe burns. Luckily all of our bulls went completely unharmed, they were in a lucerne paddock that did not burn. For this we are truely grateful.


A large portion of our stock were trucked out to agistment the days following the fire and we owe a massive thankyou to Bob Telfer, Col Morrow, Tony & Heidi Inder, James Munro & Sam & Meg Piper for taking them.

In the last month we have been flat out getting water going, rebuilding fences & feeding the remaining stock. We have been donated a huge amount of hay which we cant thank people enough for. Let the road to recovery begin.  

Record Sire Destined for Trio Angus

1 October 2016

We are very pleased to have added Ascot Lion Heart L305 as the new leading sire for the Trio Angus breeding program. Lion Heart was purchased at the record breaking Ascot Bull Sale in QLD for $70,000 in partnership with Ben Nevis Angus, Walcha.

He is a bull that offers a big hindquarter, is easy keeping, with good feet & a pedigree backed by the well respected Millah Murrah female herd. He also sits in the top 1% of the breed for all growth traits & $Indexes (click here to view his pedigree & EBVs). We have invested in Lion Heart as we are confident he will be a solid genetic fit for our clients moving forward. We are excited to see his first progeny hit the ground next Spring.


Semen is available through Alta Genetics (view contact details).


2016 Bull Sale Sets a New Stud Record

18 August 2016

Thankyou to everyone that came along to our 2016 Bull Sale, whether you were buying, bidding, looking or just joined us for a steak sandwich - it was great to have your support. We couldn't have been happier with the sale result, 100% clearance to average $7450, with a top price of $13,000. You can read the full sale report here.


Free delivery is a service we are pleased to offer all succesfull purchasers so we are now busy dropping all the bulls to their new homes. In the next few days we are off to Mudgee, Bathurst, Dunedoo, Coolah, Merriwa, Quirindi & Scone. The truck is definitely getting a work out!

Trio Angus Steers & Heifers in Demand 

20 June 2016

Trio Angus bred steers & females have been attracting strong demand from buyers again this year. It’s a pleasure to see the value of quality genetics being recognised & clients being rewarded for their investment. Recent results include weaner steers reaching 403c/kg liveweight on AuctionsPlus in June along with PTIC females topping an AuctionsPlus sale at $1850/hd. PTIC females also sold as one of the top pens at the Hunter Valley Angus Sale for $1825 in May. Quality genetics always reap the rewards & its great to see the Trio Angus brand helping clients maximise their returns. We currently have people looking for more Trio Angus blood steers & heifers, so if you're considering selling any we'd love to hear about them!



New stud sire to add more marbling & fat cover 

15 May 2016

Increasing the IMF, fat cover & docility of our clients herds was the goal in mind when we recently selected our new stud sire, Kidman Precedence K72. Purchased for $16,000 from Kidman Angus at Gilgandra, K72 is a bull that ticked all the boxes. He is sired by Matauri Reality, a NZ bull that has gained a lot of interest in Australia through his success at Millah Murrah Angus. K72 is also from a strong cow family & has an excellent temperament. He's out with his first group of cows now & we're looking forward to seeing how his progeny develop.




MSA Excellence in Eating Quality Awards

29 March 2016

This week we are excited to be heading to the MSA Excellence in Eating Quality Awards in Dubbo. This event recognises the top 100 producers in NSW who have acheived outstanding compliance rates to the MSA program. It also aims to recognise the best management practices followed by these producers, which allows them to consistently deliver beef of a superior eating quality. Given 13,000 producers consigned cattle through the MSA program in the last year it is very rewarding to have several Trio Angus clients on the top 100 list. Its great to see their investment in quality genetics paying off, along with their excellent on-farm management. A special mention must go to the Grace family at Willow Tree who have made the Top 100 list this year. The Graces have been using Trio Angus genetics for several years & the hard work they put into their cattle operation is certainly a credit to them.




Autumn calving off to a great start

18 March 2016

Here at Trio Angus we have two calvings - Autumn & Spring. Our 2016 Autumn calving has started off very well, we have had 68% of the herd calve in the first 21 days which is great! Our selection for shorter gestation length & low birth weight has also been successful with alot of the calves being born small & before the official due date, which is what we want when selecting for calving ease. Calving is always a busy time as we have to ride through the cows at least once a day & tag & weigh each new calf that is born (catching the calves is often easier said than done, especially with the cow in close proximity!).

We have an Autumn calving as it allows us to offer a group of younger bulls in our annual sale (18 months of age). These younger bulls are mostly by calving ease sires with their genetics & lighter body weight on sale day making them an ideal option for our clients to use over their heifers.The bull calves being born now will be sold in our 2017 Bull Sale.  


Local Grass Group 

17 Feb 2016


We have spent the last two days visiting properties in the Coolah/Cassilis/Merriwa area as part of our local Grass Group. This group is facilitated by Dick Richardson from Grazing Naturally & currenty has eight businesses involved. We have signed up to the group so we can learn more about pasture budgeting, grazing planning, species selection & complimentary stock & cropping options. It is also a great opportunity to visit other people farms & see what is working for them & get new ideas for our own system. The next group meeting will be at Trio Angus in May, we're looking forward to it.  

Weaning of Spring Calves Underway 

9 Jan 2016


Today we weaned our Spring born calves. We use fenceline weaning as we get better weight gains in our calves over the weaning period & the process is alot less stressful on both the cows & the calves. We have a fairly set weaning routine now. This involves processing the calves the week before we want to wean. Both pairs are then put into the weaning paddock for a few days so the calves can follow the cows & familarise themselves with the feed & the water. Then on weaning day the cows are simply pushed into the neighbouring paddock & the weaning process begins.


Using traditional weaning methods we found that our calves spent alot of time bawling, not because they missed their mums but because they were stressed due to a new environment, new feed & over-crowding. Using fenceline weaning we are able to avoid these issues & we find within two days both cows & calves are out grazing contently. However, this method does require a solid fence & we also make an effort to handle & educate the calves after the weaning process.


Two New Stud Sires from SA 

20 Sep 2015


We are pleased to welcome two new stud sires to the Trio Angus team this spring. Both were purchased from Stoney Point Performance Angus in SA. We have been following the Stoney Point breeding program for several years as they are a stud with similar breeding objectives to our own. We flew down to inspect the bulls early this week & really liked them, especially given they were only 18 months old & still have some growing to do. We purchased our two top picks. One is sired by Bruin Uproar 0070 & the other is by Dunoon Gabba - a high marbling sire. We are excited to be introducing these two bulls into our breeding program & look forward to their calves hitting the ground next Spring. In the mean time, the bulls have a long ride ahead of them on Dick Smith Transport.


Fertility Testing Sale Bulls

23 June 2015

This week we have semen tested all of our bulls for the sale. Brendan Coonan from Northern Artificial Breeders in Scone travelled out on Tuesday & did a crush side semen test on every bull. This involved collecting a semen sample & looking at it under the microscope to check for any abnormalities & to ensure it meets set quality guidelines. All of the bulls passed except one, he will now be culled & not sold for breeding. The excellent semen quality of our bulls is helped by the fact they are prepared on an oats crop (not grainfed). All of the bulls also had their scrotal circumferences measured. These practises help ensure our bulls are as fertile as possible.  



Trio Angus genetics top Gunnedah Saleyards

4 June 2015

It has been great to see such strong cattle prices over recent weeks. Sam & Meg Piper, "Kruilaya" Cassilis sold the top priced steers at the Gunnedah Saleyards on Tuesday. These steers were sired by Trio Angus bulls and made 313.2c/kg, coming back at over $1651/hd. Its great to see Trio Angus genetics leading the sale for price & quality. Over the last week 100 Angus based steers have been sold off "Kruilaya", all making over 300c/kg. This demonstrates the continuing strong demand for Angus cattle.


Ross Watson Agriculture also achieved the highest priced PTIC heifers at the Scone Angus Breeders Sale last week. The top draft of their 27 Angus and Angus X heifers, PTIC to a Trio Angus bull, sold for $1450 per head. A great result! 

Champion Pen at Mudgee Angus Breeders Sale

17 April 2015

We were very pleased to be awarded Champion Pen at this years Mudgee Angus Breeders Sale. We had 25 PTIC heifers on offer, these were aged 21 months & due to start calving on the 1st July to a proven calving ease sire. There was alot of interest in the heifers on the day & the judge, Paul Jamieson from Elders, said they were a standout for their style & performance. The heifers later sold for $1320 & went to a new home near Oberon. Trio Angus clients, Ballantyne Agricultural & Springvale Pastoral Co. also sold weaner steers in the sale to a top of $805. It was very rewarding to see our Trio Angus genetics leading the sale for quality & price.

100th Dunedoo Show

21 March 2015

We had a very successful day at the Dunedoo Show. In the Unled Section Trio Angus was awarded Champion Bull with Trio Upward J51. This bull has outstanding performance, weighing 830kg at 21 months of age with no pampering, simply running on grass with the rest of the mob. He will be on offer at our Bull Sale this year. 


On the day we were also awarded Champion Pen of Three Females with 21 month old heifers, due to calve in July. Thankyou to everyone that came by to check out our cattle & have a chat!

Weaning underway

21 January 2015

This week we have started weaning our spring born calves. The season here is certainly better than this time last year, the photo on the left shows the cows & calves just last week & the photo on right was taken at the same time last year.

The value of working dogs

15 September 2014

Working dogs typically provide their owners with a five-fold return on investment. Research, partly funded by MLA, has found that the average cost of owning a working dog is $7763 for its entire working life, whilst the work performed by the dog is estimated to have a value of $40,000. These are interesting figures. We use dogs at Trio Angus for most of our stock work & they can certainly fill the place of an extra person most of the time. The MLA is now looking at ways to use genomic technologies to predict working dog trainability, it will be interesting to see what their research finds...


Read the full article on Beef Central | Link >>

Trio Genetics help win Sydney Royal Gold Medal

Congratulations to long-term Trio Angus clients, Phil & Rachel McRae, who's heifer won Champion Trade Carcase & a Gold Medal for carcase quality at the 2013 Sydney Royal Easter Show | Link >>

The Growing Popularity of Angus in the Marketplace

The achievement of Angus bulls in topping national herd bull price statistics this year for the first time represents the culmination of a decade-long program to elevate the breed into a position of greater market strength. Beef Central | Link >>

Angus high performers under JBS feedlot program

Angus cattle continue to perform at a high level for JBS Australia’s grainfed programs, based on data presented at the Angus Australia Conference.

Beef Central | Link >>

Project kick-starts rollout of beef genomic breeding values

Trio Angus involved in the CRC and MLA project to produce new genomic breeding values. Beef Central | Link >>

Scientists move closer to solving pasture bloat problem

Noble Foundation researchers have been studying condensed tannins as a bloat remedy. This naturally-occurring class of chemical compounds possesses the ability to reduce bloat in livestock.

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The Growing Angus Advantage

The numbers tell the story of how a breed has evolved to produce competitive commercial straightbreds.

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Not Your Daddy's Genes

U.S. Meat Animal Research Center data shows remarkable selection pressure has upended breed stereotypes.

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Want to improve your conception rates next joining?

Opportunity can best describe the second trimester of a cow's pregnancy. With some careful management this is period can be used to set your cows up to succeed in next year's production cycle.

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‘The final and proper purpose of all beef cattle breeding is to produce good beef; its highest purpose is the production of the most beef of the best quality in the least time, with a given amount of feed and care.’

L.H. Kerrick, Illinois, 1902