We currently have a small number of bulls available for private sale. Please contact us for details. 


Current Orders for Trio Genetics

Quality young breeders, heifers or young cows. Must be Trio Angus blood. On-farm premium paid for the right article. Smaller lot sizes considered. Inspection required. For more info contact Matt 0429 319 073


Currently On Offer

SOLD $1760/$1720/$1500. AuctionsPlus (9th Feb). 184 PTIC cows, 3-9 years, sold in three lots. Exceptional quality. Regretful sale of proven breeders due to dry conditions. A/C Jada Grazing (Merriwa)



SOLD Landmark Classic Cattle Sale, Tamworth. A/C Cuan Pastoral Co. 180 Angus steers, 160 Angus x Hereford Steers. Forward store condition. Herd well known for its growth & finishing ability. Well handled.  


SOLD $1400. AuctionsPlus (12th Jan). 105 PTIC heifers, to sell in two lots. 17-18 months, 398kg. Joined to Trio Angus bulls with calving ease genetics. Quiet, well handled. A/C Scone Pastoral Co. (Scone)


SOLD $950 AuctionsPlus (11th Aug). 76 weaned Angus heifers, 321kg, Trio Angus blood, excellent future breeders. Coolah.


SOLD $795 AuctionsPlus (11th Aug). 18 weaned Angus heifers, 281kg, Trio Angus blood. Coolah.


SOLD $935 AuctionsPlus (11th Aug). 29 weaned Angus X heifers, 319kg, Trio Angus blood. Coolah.


SOLD $1115 AuctionsPlus (7th July). 50 feeder steers, 300kg. Quality steers from a herd that has been using Trio Angus bulls for the last 7 years. Coolah.


SOLD $1515 AuctionsPlus (26th May). 48 PTIC cows, 8 & 9 years, EU accredited. In calf to Trio Angus bulls. Merriwa.


SOLD $1415 AuctionsPlus (26th May). 33 PTIC cows, 10 - 11 years, EU accredited. In calf to Trio Angus bulls. Merriwa.


SOLD $1195 AuctionsPlus (26th May). 30 weaned steers, 306kg at assessment, EU, vendor bred. Scone.


SOLD $1080 AuctionsPlus (26th May). 64 weaned steers, 250kg at assessment, EU, vendor bred. Scone.


SOLD $1170 AuctionsPlus (2nd June). 57 weaned steers, 282kg, EU, vendor bred, yard weaned, well handled. A/C Ballantyne Ag. (Cassilis).


SOLD Mudgee Angus Breeders Sale (28th April). 22 Angus steers, 8-9 months, yard weaned. A/C Springvale Pastoral Co. (Coolah). 20 Angus steers, Aug/Sep '16 drop. A/C P & M Dunn P/S (Rylstone). 40 Angus heifers, Aug/Sep '16 drop, yard weaned. A/C Ballantyne Ag (Cassilis). 10 Angus steers, Aug/Sep '16 drop. A/C P & M Dunn P/S (Rylstone)


SOLD $1770 AuctionsPlus (10th Feb). 67 PTIC Angus heifers, EU accredited. Vendor bred, tight 6 week joining to low birth weight bulls. Well grown, 512kg at assessment. A/C Jada Grazing (Merriwa).


SOLD $965 AuctionsPlus (3rd Feb). Lot 217 34 weaner steers, ave. 240kg at assessment, 6-7 months of age. Angus portion sired by Trio Angus bull (Ardrossan Definitive son). Drenched, vaccinated & well grown. A/C Woolbrook Rural Industries (Merriwa).


SOLD $1105 ($5.31/kg) AuctionsPlus (7th Oct). 91 EU steers, 5-6 months (Mar/Apr 2016 drop), ave. 208kg. Quiet to handle, genuine quality. A/C Jada Grazing Partnership, Merriwa.


SOLD $1510 AuctionsPlus (9th Sept). 63 EU steers. Ave. 393kg, 13-14 months of age. Vendor bred. Sired by top bulls selected for high growth, EMA & IMF. Quiet to handle, yard weaned. Drenched & vaccinated. Excellent quality. A/C Jeramanda P/S, Mudgee.


SOLD $1270 AuctionsPlus (9th Sept) 61 EU steers. Ave. 296kg, 12-13 months of age. Vendor bred. Running on oats crop & improved pastures, no grain supplement - PCAS eligible. Vaccinated. Quality line of steers ideal for backgrounding. A/C Jada Grazing Partnership, Merriwa.


SOLD $1160 - Dunedoo Store Sale (25th Aug) . 80 Angus heifers. Trio Angus & Tucklan blood, 10-12 months, drench, vaccinated. A/C Springvale Pastoral Co.


SOLD $1525/hd - AuctionsPlus (19th Aug). 45 exceptional feeder steers, 399kg, 11-13 months. Sired by the 2014 top priced Trio Angus bull, Trio Evident H78. A/C Maben Family Trust, Merriwa.


SOLD $1250/hd - AuctionsPlus (29th Jul). 50 Angus steers, Trio Angus blood. Ave. 320kg, 10-12 months of age. A/C Springvale Pastoral Co. Coolah.


SOLD $1825/hd - Hunter Valley Angus Breeders Sale (26th May). 11 top quality PTIC heifers, vendor bred & pure Trio Angus genetics. 22 months of age & very well grown. PTIC to Trio Birthstone K53, a low birthweight calving ease sire, to start calving 1st July for 8 weeks. Well handled, would make great future breeders. View Preview Video.  A/C Trio Angus, Cassilis.


SOLD $1850/hd - AuctionsPlus (22nd Apr). 21 PTIC heifers, 22 months of age, well grown. Set to start calving 20th July for 8 weeks. Joined to Trio Birthstone K53, a low birthweight, calving ease sire. Well handled with bikes, dog & horses. A great addition to any breeding herd. A/C Trio Angus, Cassilis.


If you have any Trio Angus blood cattle for sale we'd love to hear about them!


Semen & Embryos 

We always have semen available from our current stud sires, including the record-priced Millah Murrah Maestro. Commercial discounts available. We also have a selection of embryos for sale. Please contact us for more information.


Links & Information

2018 Autumn Bull Sale

Thursday 22nd March, 4pm

25 Bulls + 20 PTIC Heifers


2018 Spring Bull Sale

Thursday 16th August, 1pm

50 Bulls


‘The Piper family always take the time to answer all of my questions. Their bulls always sell well so other buyers obviously like their advice and service as well.’

Trevor Birley, ‘Redcourt’ Manilla NSW